Thursday, January 29, 2009

parallels; lizeth arauz and livia corona

two mexican photographers covering a similar subject, but each with a unique vision. lizeth arauz and livia corona examine the life of little people in mexico. a much explored subject, but with an evident commitment to portray a way of life can be seen from both.

here is a text about lizeths spanish:
Mirar hacia arriba
No es lo mismo mirar hacia arriba que hacia abajo. Ser diferente determina la relación con el entorno y la manera de concebirlo, representa la lucha constante por obtener un espacio, un lugar.
Mirar hacia arriba habla sobre la vida de un grupo de hombres y mujeres enanos que trabajan como toreros, luchadores, payasitos, y bailarines, y que lidian con la gracia y la necesidad de ser reconocidos.
Entender el sentido del otro, y del respeto a las identidades diferentes, con el reconocimiento al esfuerzo de adaptación a un entorno organizado y pensado para personas de estatura alta. Son la gente pequeña. Saben que su mundo se teje lejos al de la gente alta. More images here.

from livia coronas web site: "In the absence of support organizations in Mexico created by and for little people, the Enanitos Toreros shows have, as an accidental side-effect, served as an itinerant meeting ground for individuals and families of children with dwarfism. Many people told me that these shows were their first-ever opportunity to engage with others who share their physical characteristics. This book, with photographs and interviews made over the course of almost a decade, documents some of the experiences, relationships, and family ties that have formed throughout the years. By presenting these images and conversations, made in their homes and at their workplaces, on their tours and in some cases at their specific request, I hope to share a perspective on the relativity of scale and physical appearance".