Sunday, September 26, 2010

the greatest photography is vernacular...

Alec Soth and daughter Carmen show at Brighton Biennial

opening of interrupted landscapes at Champion Gallery

champion gallery opened its space in austin this month with a excellent exhibition: interrupted landscapes, of which i am a part of with many other international artists. if you are in town, do stop by.

susan barnett/ a non portrait of a collective consciousness

"Each one of these people reveal a part of themselves that advertises their hopes, ideals, likes, dislikes, political views, and personal mantras. They wear a kind of badge of honor that says "yes, I belong to this group not the other."

challenge our thinking

"I believe that it’s imperative to challenge our thinking, particularly in more volatile and loaded landscapes whose narratives are frequently calcified by mass media interests. My work is not intended as a criticism of journalism (which is tremendously important). Rather, it operates within the open field of contemporary art, where the emphasis is not on the answers, but on the questions - not on the facts, but on what they add up to"...

Richard Mosse from a conversation over at conscientious blog

a great post

thomas locke hobbs did a great post about his visit to Comodoro Rivadavia in Patagonia, Argentina. He explores the mundane with in comodoro's landscape, giving a grim but beautiful approach to it. his words:

"The story of how this neighborhood got built is emblematic of Argentina’s recent history. It was started in 1999 by a cooperative of professors from the nearby university. The mesa was leveled and foundations were poured. Then the crisis of 2001 hit. Their savings were frozen and then covered into devalued pesos. The project sat idle for years. In the last few years they were able to restart construction with loans and assistance from the current government. In return they were asked to paint the houses apple green, which is the visual branding of the current governor Mario Das Neves. The neighborhood sits on a prominent hill, clearly visible from the main highway leading into town. Das Neves is trying to position himself as a candidate in next year’s presidential election, so the advertising was surely important (...) Comodoro, honestly, is not a nice place. It’s a testament to what people will put up with to achieve a house, a car and a stable job".

read the whole post here

A comeback...

I have been a bit(much) absent from this blog for various reasons that are just too long to mention here. But just a few day I received an email that made me want to get into the blogging mood again. I have to say, Facebook has become an enemy of my posting here, but I shall conquer. To start of this new enthusiasm, I want to post the work of a colleague with home Ive been sharing a lot of exhibition space lately: Domestic in Barcelona, NATURAE in Italy and just a few weeks ago Interrupted Landscapes in Champion Gallery in Austin.

Aleix Plademunt has been working with the idea of space for some time now and has created very thoughtful and witty images about how we construct it.

Mixing irony with cultural commentary, Aleix presents us with questions about a societies need for identification with land and icons.

He also has a great blog. See it here

Thursday, September 9, 2010

opening in Italy

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Opening of Pictures of the year international in Los Angeles

Opening of Pictures of the year international at the Annenberg Space for Photography.

Participating Photographers:

* Philip Scott Andrews
* Guillermo Arias
* Nadia Benchallal
* Alejandro Cartagena
* Peter DiCampo
* Yvette Marie Dostani
* Danny Wilcox Frazier
* Toni Greaves
* Cathy Greenblat
* Mark Edward Harris
* Henry Jacobson
* Tom Leininger
* Karen Quincy Loberg
* Eric Lusito
* Amy Lyne
* Hector Mediavilla
* Claire Martin
* Alessandra Quadri
* Brijesh Patel
* Ray Ramos
* Jason Reblando
* Jerry Redfern
* David Taylor
* John Tully
* Munem Wasif