Friday, February 27, 2009

gilbert fastenaekens/ nights

belgium photographer gilbert fastenaekens also produces thoughtful night images. the sense of loss and mystery is what most interests me.

george tice

gerardo montiel showed me in the direction of george tice`s work. fascinating to see more work from that period of time. again i ask myself what social-political things made it so that people would photograph in such ways and choose their subjects(far from just turning their backs to the representation of the pristine landscape). here is an interview with john paul caponigro.

un poquito más de mecano para un fin de semana sonico-melancolico-de hueva

me cuesta tanto

Thursday, February 26, 2009

ted sabarese

this series is witty even though it goes to the commercial side, which by the way, i don´t think is bad in any way. meaning is precise and beautiful and i like that. more images here.

reimar juul/ neither man nor women

"The hijras of India are born as men, but dress as women. They have been recognized as a third gender in the subcontinent from the earliest times". reimar juul

more night photography

henry wessel

todd hido

j wesley brown

tim simmons

credit crisis

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.

Monday, February 16, 2009

thomas bangsted

danish photographer thomas bangsted has some interesting landscapes. they still seem to be on the surface of something that is not completely clear to me.

night photography/ amanda friedman/ miguel angel ortega/ alejandro chaskielberg/ beau Comeaux

four views of the night. different formats and themes.

amanda friedman

miguel angel ortega

alejandro chaskielberg

beau Comeaux

Friday, February 13, 2009

wow rodney mullen



wow matt hensly

back when i skated/operation ivy

opening katharsis at fototeca (photography center) monterrey

Thursday, February 12, 2009

roger ballen/sarah small

reviewing roger ballen´s work it rang a bell with the images by sarah small. both bodies of work are intense and psychotic to me; illuminating the subconscious. years apart, and graphically distinct, both are showing things we might just see in our darkest (or weirdest) dreams.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

nice picture of barack obama's inauguration speech

a good approach on how to see "reality" with a gigantic digital image. take a look here.

reviewed in CODIGO magazine/ nueva fotografía mexicana

mexican curator gustavo prado wrote an article on new mexican photography in codigo magazine from mexico df in which i was included. the web version is a bit small, but for those with really sharp eyes take a look here.

Humble Arts Foundation Presents

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For additional information, visuals, and press inquiries, please send an email to amani olu at

eve morgenstern/ foreclosure and abandonment

i like the interconnection between architecture and economics portrayed through these abandoned homes. her page.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

we open katharsis on thursday. be there or el santo will get you!

moto hirotakeda/ untitled scapes

city scapes are so hard to approach, in the sense of what motivates a photographer to actually pursue the subject. i have found ideas, like that behind of sze tsung leongs work, much more rewarding (as a spectator) because of his conceptual framework. again it is in the approach that comes from outside of photography itself that seems to make for a more interesting and thoughtful body of images. i really like motos´ pictures but i am left a drift to what they are about. the link to the untitled scapes is here. in a extremely competitive photo "industry" (mmmmmm) i really think more time should be spent asking the photographers what they are doing. it seems to me, that even though images speak for themselves, we should (again, as spectators) be able to feel embraced by some kind of meaning when confronted with images, specially those which have a a lot of visual baggage.

Being outside of "US mainstream", here in monterrey mexico, it seems to me that landscape photography has gone into areas where some won´t even bother to ask why it got there. the question is how to take all of this and make honest and profound work...

greg stimac/ roadside memorials and bottles of piss

i like the idea of the road as a narrative theme. his page.

Monday, February 9, 2009

terry falke/ observations in an occupied wilderness

lately i have been diving myself into landscape photography, trying to understand the personal approaches of photographers and deconstructing their "views".
last month i came by terry falke which has opened a new line. the work seems an almost natural reconsideration and response of the work of joel sternfeld (which i am still trying to figuring out). not much on the web about terry, but i have ordered his book for better understanding. a few images are found at afterimage gallery.

alexis pike/ claimed: landscape

about the work:

"As a sixth generation Idahoan, the landscape of the West influences my work, it’s part of my personal and cultural history, it is the geography of my genes. I grew up in two very distinct areas of Idaho: the scenic area of Stanley Basin—which sits at the base of the Sawtooth Mountain Range—and the town of Idaho Falls—a community that revolves around agriculture, religion and nuclear power. Living in these two regions gave me the perspective to appreciate the delicate balance of the scenic and the mundane and recognize how they overlap one another. I am exploring in this work the way communities and individuals stake claims on the picturesque landscape and place it within the conventional structures of the community. By making a photograph of these claimed territories, I am staking my own claim to my heritage, the landscape. The manner in which we depict this scenery has become the identity and perception of the American West, symbolized by wilderness, mountain peaks, crystal clear rivers, and big game animals. This is the mythology of the West".

more images here.