Tuesday, February 10, 2009

moto hirotakeda/ untitled scapes

city scapes are so hard to approach, in the sense of what motivates a photographer to actually pursue the subject. i have found ideas, like that behind of sze tsung leongs work, much more rewarding (as a spectator) because of his conceptual framework. again it is in the approach that comes from outside of photography itself that seems to make for a more interesting and thoughtful body of images. i really like motos´ pictures but i am left a drift to what they are about. the link to the untitled scapes is here. in a extremely competitive photo "industry" (mmmmmm) i really think more time should be spent asking the photographers what they are doing. it seems to me, that even though images speak for themselves, we should (again, as spectators) be able to feel embraced by some kind of meaning when confronted with images, specially those which have a a lot of visual baggage.

Being outside of "US mainstream", here in monterrey mexico, it seems to me that landscape photography has gone into areas where some won´t even bother to ask why it got there. the question is how to take all of this and make honest and profound work...