Thursday, July 31, 2008

salón de la fotografía

esta exposición es la primera que imprimo en su totalidad. para los que estan aca en monterrey no falten. 7 de agosto, fototeca del centro de las artes, 8pm

Monday, July 28, 2008

big sister

i really liked hana jakrlova big sister portfolio. i feel it has an edgier approach to that of many other photographers portraying sex workers and their spaces.

when there is reason

i just love youtube.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

do the blurb

if you haven't heard of blurb and if you're yet to see all the participants to their contest, photo book now, do it here. i would love to see the print submissions but i guess that will be a bit difficult. maybe they should do a book exhibition like photoespana does with their book competition. i have to say that i have mixed feelings about the work I've seen till now.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

packing 101

Monday, July 21, 2008

Saturday, July 19, 2008

andrew bush

vector portraits, photographs made while traveling 50 to 70 mph in los angeles and other parts of the southwestern united states.

i just saw andrew bush over at flak photo and what an exciting series to look at. it has me remembering so many road trips and lost time on highways and in the city. check it out here.

isidro ramirez

i liked isidro´s series closed for winter. it reminded me of another work form somebody who photographs plants protected with plastic during the winter...i can´t remember the name of that author...

here is a link to isidro´s series. from his statement:

I photograph disused summer resorts in the winter. They remain static without a function waiting for the next warm sunny day. The elements gradually invade the features in the landscape. The weather takes over from the visitor and tourists as its only inhabitant, changing the landscape, wiping out all signs of human habitation.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

dos mexicanas más

alejandra laviada

livia corona

monica ruzansky

more photo-girl power from mexico.

adela goldbard

adela is an up and coming star here in mexico. take a look at what she does here.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

some pics from my 8th grade students

its all about having fun and i love it!

the sixth year

i was over at conscientious tonight and saw that it is on its sixth year of blogging. being fairly new to this it seemed amazing both the longevity and all the stuff he has written. i found some funny stuff (looking back know) about the things that concerned photographers and photography in the years 2002-2003. take a look, you'll enjoy it. a congratulation to Jörg!

Monday, July 14, 2008

olivia arthur

I really liked seeing some pictures of olivia at the photoespaña prize ceremony, and was happy to see that her website contains so much more interesting and compelling work. she was awarded the photoespaña ojodepez volkswagen of human values prize.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

damion berger

i found damion berger through magenta and liked the images, but was shocked at how similar it was to a series done by a mexican photographer working with blind people in pools. i´ll try to find a few images later to post. damion was just awarded the first Flash Forward Book Award. here is a link to damion´s page.

from his statement: Seeking out public swimming pools initially on the Cote D'Azur and then in Italy, Greece and Turkey, I was mostly drawn to scenes of the unusual, frequently populated with energetic children less content to wallow on the surface than their more 'mature' parents.

My decision to photograph in black & white was a central choice. Without the immediacy of colour and the blue hue of the water to provide context, one's recognition that these pictures are taken underwater isn't immediate. It promotes a somewhat abstract sense of place which in turn serves to strengthen the feeling of suspension and movement that permeates through the series.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

michael itkoff

i like the way michael portrays human interaction with nature. about his overgrowth series, from his statement:
These are photographs of a landscape under siege - meditations on the mesh of human society and nature that exist woven together. Within the overlooked pockets of greenery there is life, and hope, that the tide of concrete and steel is high. A city or suburb allowed to lie fallow for twenty years would soon be swallowed by bushes and wildflowers poking up from gaps in the pavement...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

taller-del documento al arte en fotografia

generador en guadalajara

five to one/ a mocbook

after being in madrid to see spain win over russia, then running like mad with the people you see above, to catch the last train to aranjuez, and having eli's credit card stuck in the ticket machine and loosing the train we had a sweet metro man say there'd be a train at onetofiveormaybeatfivethereisone... we ended up stranded in madrid for a few hours talking of photography, taking pictures of nothing....and a red car...and then our lovely friend cecilia helped us get to aranjuez by cab and finally the next day create a book in less than 2 hours, edit, layout, print, paste and then here above the shot of the group and the only copy of the adventure which now belongs to paul g.

cristinas b-day

la fototeca gallery

this is a shot of the gallery space i work at while it was being prepared for the botero's abu ghraib exhibition.

a funny pic from my b-day

ruben gutierrez

good friend and great artist ruben gutierrez opens his show ALL WILL FALL (nothing could be done about it) at emma molina gallery on the 10th of july. above his video cho cosushi. he is the creator of the and the extinct objectnotfound gallery.

Monday, July 7, 2008

grégoire pujade-lauraine

greg was a fellow student at paul grahams workshop. we all loved the presentation of his work and his very original book format. his images seem to border between poetic gestures and observations of european culture. a link to a few more of his images here.

yann gross premio descubrimientos photoespaña 2008

his pictures explore ideas of isolated communities and how they appropriate foreign ideas and customs, specially american in this case. here is a portfolio of the work

Thursday, July 3, 2008

twisted to chicago

i'm on my way to chicago to my great friend veronicas wedding. in a twist of faith veronica introduced me too my wife whom i had met randomly 10 years before and had not seen again. twist twist and shout shout...

Harri Pälviranta

last year i met harri at photoespañas descubrimientos and it was great to see his prize show in madrid. some of us from the paul graham workshop made are way to the battered show and had a general consensus about the final presentation of the prints and layout; the prints should have been bigger and the grouping was a bit off. i still feel that his work is strong and moving. look at his web page for a full scope on his body of work, from 1998 to now.

about the series:

Battery and street fights are every night activities during the weekends in Finland. People have a strong tendency to get intoxicated whilst partying and, once drunk, people are released from their inhibitions. Aggression turns into physical acts, to direct violence.

There is a social awareness of this topic in Finland, the issue is recognized and is considered to be a severe social problem. However, the discussion has mainly literal dimensions; it appears in news headlines and is discussed in seminars. But there are no images of these events. As this is the case, I wish to give an artistically interpreted visual appearance to this phenomenon. I believe the images introduce a different approach to the discussion by showing the actual outcomes of this violent behaviour. An image tells a story using a different grammar, and, as such, it alters the discussion by adding sensory-based knowledge and, perhaps, emotion to it.

“Battered” is based on social and contemporary documentarism, and the images are related to crime-scene photography (all the way to WeeGee) and police pictures.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

today i´m torn

I fear nothing
Besides myself
Please don't touch me
Love like an infant trying to stand up

Am I two souls
One hard, one whole
Am I real
I don't want to feel anything

I feel nothing
Besides this pain
Please don't watch me
Love like an infant
Scared and crawling


elisenda fontarnau

eli´s work is a beautiful gathering of everyday moments with smart juxtapositions and compositions. take a look at her page here.