Thursday, July 10, 2008

damion berger

i found damion berger through magenta and liked the images, but was shocked at how similar it was to a series done by a mexican photographer working with blind people in pools. i´ll try to find a few images later to post. damion was just awarded the first Flash Forward Book Award. here is a link to damion´s page.

from his statement: Seeking out public swimming pools initially on the Cote D'Azur and then in Italy, Greece and Turkey, I was mostly drawn to scenes of the unusual, frequently populated with energetic children less content to wallow on the surface than their more 'mature' parents.

My decision to photograph in black & white was a central choice. Without the immediacy of colour and the blue hue of the water to provide context, one's recognition that these pictures are taken underwater isn't immediate. It promotes a somewhat abstract sense of place which in turn serves to strengthen the feeling of suspension and movement that permeates through the series.