Sunday, September 26, 2010

A comeback...

I have been a bit(much) absent from this blog for various reasons that are just too long to mention here. But just a few day I received an email that made me want to get into the blogging mood again. I have to say, Facebook has become an enemy of my posting here, but I shall conquer. To start of this new enthusiasm, I want to post the work of a colleague with home Ive been sharing a lot of exhibition space lately: Domestic in Barcelona, NATURAE in Italy and just a few weeks ago Interrupted Landscapes in Champion Gallery in Austin.

Aleix Plademunt has been working with the idea of space for some time now and has created very thoughtful and witty images about how we construct it.

Mixing irony with cultural commentary, Aleix presents us with questions about a societies need for identification with land and icons.

He also has a great blog. See it here