Tuesday, January 13, 2009

megan cump

take a look at megans´ website.

from her statement:

"My photographs fuse a gothic sensibility and performative elements with traditional landscape imagery, in order to explore the metaphoric potential of the environment. My most recent project, Feral, was shot while on solitary kayaking and hiking trips, using a medium format camera and basic camping supplies. In many works, traces of my body are visible as I merge with, take refuge in, and lose myself in the natural world. In some scenes my body is dwarfed by the primordial landscape, as if swallowed up by nature; in others I dissolve myself, in a rush of water, or am nearly engulfed in a creeeping fog. Many photographs reveal evidence of some seemingly paranormal event—a fire burning in a river or an ambiguous, intimate encounter with a fox. Through these enigmatic photographs, boundaries shift, blurring the line between human and landscape, and human and animal".