Tuesday, January 13, 2009

lori nix

i met lori nix outside review la this past weekend. she is a lovely person and i was amazed at her art work, which she showed me through her web page, but when i saw it live in photo la, i realized what a great artist she is. apart from creating eerie scenarios, that are beautifully lit, she is one excellent printer. i love when works i see on the web become even more impressive when seen in real scale. it just makes it a more intense experience. from the text on her web:

"Lori Nix is an artist who bends the line between truth and illusion in her photographs. She accomplishes this by photographing miniatures and models which illuminate her interest in the disaster movies of the 1970s and her memories of growing up in Kansas—a place that seems to attract disasters like no other. In her series titled Accidentally Kansas Nix creates scenes of floods, tornadoes, snow storms, lightning strikes, and insect infestations, all epic and defining events recalled from her formative years in rural Kansas. The state of Kansas is located in the middle of the United States geographically, and also represents the moral middle of the road as a state of mind where conventional family values and good citizenship go hand in hand. By linking disasters with moral imperatives Nix allows herself to question conventional codes of society at the same time as she explores the unsettling memories of her youth".