Monday, May 18, 2009

richard gilles

richard gilles uses the panoramic format to present us with sites that are sharp observations of our contemporary world. in his own words:

"There is a phenomenon in our society that for the most part goes unnoticed. Down a side-road, to a dead-end in a decaying industrial section of the city is but one of the places you will discover, often hidden, the almost home-less".

"In our seemly abundant society, the almost home-less find themselves, living in vehicles- often on public streets- often not. Do these voyagers have a destination or is it a perpetual, nomadic journey? Has their vehicle become a substitute for a fixed address or a tool for a pilgrimage? Is there meaning to their movement? Almost Home-Less is my photographic exploration of this phenomenon. My intention is not to provide the viewer with answers, but for the images to serve as catalyst for questions, investigation and awareness".

view of the exhibited works: