Wednesday, April 29, 2009

taj forer

not a participant but a reviewer, taj forer was one of the best interviews for me. i had commented with other peers how different reviews are when the language spoken (photographer-photographer) is the same. his work, threefold sun is simple and complex at the same time, exploring light and the coincidences of ordinary life with great vision. you can get info on how to get his book here.

from his web:

In Threefold Sun, photographer Taj Forer takes a warm and thoughtful look at some people and places influenced by the work of Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), the German artist-philosopher who gave the world not just his work and writing, but Waldorf schools and biodynamic farming. Forer's color photographs of laundry lines, garden hoses, straw forts, rubber boots and kitchen tables are at once beautiful and banal. Beauty is where it might be expected (a wall of sunny children's paintings, a tree house), but more often where it wouldn't be (a slightly deflated yellow ball in a cement play yard, a sledding hill without enough snow). Utopia is waiting in a patch of sun, a smudge of mud, a chalkboard message professing heavenly joy, a little bit of blood in the small nostrils of a boy baptized with everyday dirt.