Tuesday, April 28, 2009

eliza lamb

"This series of photographs was created in the neighborhood of
Astoria, Queens in New York City. It is a changing community that was
built on tradition and religion. The yards are small and precious and
as I moved into the area I was fascinated by how people chose to use
them. I was intrigued by the public displays of religion that seemed
to greet me numerous times on each block. Fascinated by the
willingness or need to share these beliefs so openly, I began to
collect images of them from the sidewalk".

"As I kept walking, I found that the statues themselves told me less
about the people behind them then the way they were presented. The
custom made covers, new paint jobs, locks, trash storage and
adornments, or lack there of, seemed to tell me the greater story.
As I kept walking through the neighborhood I began to feel like I was
sharing something with the strangers around me and I began to
welcome Mother Mary as my escort on my long walks home. But as
the neighborhood changes and property values increase I am
saddened to find my new companions disappearing at every turn and
with that the life and tradition that made this neighborhood so
great". eliza lamb