Tuesday, April 28, 2009

back from photolucida/ some of my fav photographers

brook reynolds

looking at one of the consequences of the fall of our contemporary capitalist system, brook reynolds images act both as metaphor and document.

from her statement:

These photographs depict abandoned gas stations to represent the unavoidable end to our consumption of fossil fuels. Gas stations as we know them will either become obsolete or evolve as we find new sources of energy, but these photographs only show dilapidation and emptiness to emphasize our present circumstances and the urgent need for change. As surreal as they may seem, these images document real places that are representations of the future. The images were taken in GA over the past two years, which could be representative of a national or global trend. The project continues to evolve as I discover new locations and revisit old ones, and as time passes it will be interesting to see what happens to these sites as we make the transition to other sources of energy.

We are all dependent on each other and our individual actions do affect the future of our world. Nobody really knows for sure how much we have influenced global warming, but just the knowledge that we have contributed to a destructive cycle that could endanger many life forms is enough for me to say it is time to do something to reduce our negative impact on the overall health of this planet. Nature will renew itself as long as we give it a chance to heal, and we can be a part of that healing process by searching for ways to live in harmony with the environment.