Saturday, October 23, 2010

weekend favorite Julian Röder

some amazing images that portray the battle of subjectivity that globalization pushes and those who look for alternative views of our world. see the whole series here

"No, these are not battle scenes in the art historical sense. Even if Julian Röder does have a strong understanding of pouring the confrontational situations of crowds - their clustering and the bursting apart – into striking pictures. The old masters Altdorfer and Uccello come easefully to mind. What Röder shows is not the compacting of an historical occurrence; it is the immediate present. However, it is precisely because he helps himself to art - or more generally speaking, historical image - motifs that these photographs possess deeper intensity and permanence than a fifteen second take from the news. Because pictures are always pictures about pictures. We have them in our memory - more or less consciously - and incessantly align them with that which purports to be reality". Matthias Flügge