Tuesday, June 15, 2010

new images from my between borders project..., an estimated 22,700 dead in drug related crimes

the los angeles times has kept this part of its site up with information about the war on drugs in mexico. even though it is just a news oriented site, it is a place to see the magnitude of the social change this war has had on our land.

we live in a mexico that is somewhat very scary but still enjoyably livable. this project is an exploration on a rural lifestyle that is seen by me in an idyllic manner. these people are brave in attitude and i empathize with the idea of standing up for the space you love and in which you want to live.

"Though the project is based in the US/México border which has become a battle ground in the past months, I feel the urge to deconstruct the image of the somewhat stereotyped violent view of the border by investigating and representing the lifestyles of the people who decide to stay in between the turmoil and peace. In a way, it seems that my intent of escaping that view of the border is a subconscious romanticizing of a past (semi) calm urban life of which we have been deprived of as citizens of northern mexico".