Sunday, December 27, 2009

to create or create

"Such art photography – and lets face it, making images of life as it happens, lays at the very core of the medium - is regrettably viewed with suspicion in the art world. Misunderstood as a collection of lucky moments, fortuitous observations, or simply 'documentary', it has been bypassed or overlooked by many curators, writers and collectors who muddle it up with photojournalism, and are attuned mostly to assessing what the artist created" Paul Graham

"That artifice should outrank realism on the auction block seems both odd and unfair, when not only are Mr. Sternfeld's artistic solutions generally more elegant, but the problems that he has set himself — of catching life on the fly — are more challenging.
The labor of a reality-based photographer is at least as onerous as that of one who works from fantasy". Richard B. Woodward via richard rinaldi's blog