Friday, July 3, 2009

kurt tong/ peoples parks

stemming from a personal approach, kurt tong explores sites where his memories find a home. he then uses these to formally reinterpret them and present us with places that appear lost in time.

from his statement about the work:

"Looking through my family photographs, apart from the customary family portraits in front of the same Christmas Trees and behind birthday cakes, most of the photos taken of me, my brother and my sisters were during our daytrips out at various parks".

"This project explores similar recreational spaces found in China. In 1958, at the beginning of ‘The Great Leap Forward’, when private ownership was banned, many existing parks were renovated and new parks were built all across China for the people, many were renamed People’s Parks. Over the years, they became main focal points of the cities, where families have their outings and couples meet. Children’s amusement parks and Zoos were often built within these parks to provide entertainment for the local children".