Tuesday, November 25, 2008

un poquito mas sobre el tema: sobre fotografía contemporánea y el cambio en los usos de la tecnología

este es un copy paste del blog we cant paint: (sorry esta en ingles nada mas)

"You see unlike the painter, there is not a specific medium that echoes photography. Formally, and even conceptually speaking, drawing is perhaps the most ancestral process to which an artist whose primary medium is painting can transfer his/her abilities over and still feel (at least somewhat) at home. You could argue that video or film (semantics aside, there is a difference) is as close as one can get to mimicking anything “photographic”. However, photography’s ability to freeze a moment, a reality-based moment, tends to reside within the medium exclusively. Quite simply, for photography you have two options; print with chemicals, or print digitally.

If you have read this far you must be thinking where I’m going with all of this. Well, today I came across Ofer’s post on his recent trip to Paris and I encountered one of the most honest opinions on making contemporary photography. I thought that in light of my much read (and linked) piece “On Advice and Context” I would point you to Alec Soth’s thoughts on printing digitally. From reading far too many emails it seems some of you got the impression that I dislike Soth or think he or Magnum are full of themselves (that was not the point of the post), which is of course ridiculous! I don’t even know Alec or any photographer from Magnum – in fact from what I hear Alec seems to be a very nice and generous person. As I was saying…the video addresses part of what I consider to be the “photo ghetto” of thought, an assumption that if you utilize anything digital you’re not a true photographer (a title I also think is problematic).

I think Alec’s thoughts hit the mark perfectly, excluding his endorsement of HP (I’m partial to Epson printers *wink*), and I hope they will open up more “c-print snobs” to exploring what is inevitably going to be the future of photography. For myself, working digitally (printing digitally that is) has made photography accessible again and, like so many of the various opinions expressed through blogs and the Internet as a whole, it has opened up a traditionally closed medium that so often feels very exclusive."

Noel Rodo-Vankeulen