Monday, June 30, 2008

joão bento

my very special portuguese roommate is the author of these compelling images above. here is something he sent me in written words too:

The Last Carer

Yasmin Rios is a young woman that came from Honduras to the UK to work as a carer in August 2007. She found a place at the Leonard Cheshire Disability Centre on the outskirts of Cardiff in Radyr. Her regular responsibilities include preparation of meals, servingfood and drinks to residents and aiding those with difficulties eating, helping residents with personal hygiene and to maintain their appearance by giving manicures, facial treatments or putting on make and entertaining residents by playing games with them. All sort of small but important activities, making the life of those who live in the house possible and enjoyable. She is also one of the 100,000 carers
from abroad working in the UK. The number has been increasing due to a lack of interest in the job on the part of the British. Also, according to a survey by the organization Skills for Care and Development, overseas workers are often more committed, ambitious and more likely to have a genuine interest in care work, making them more suitable for the profession. Recent changes in government policy dictate that low-skilled workers from outside the EU will no longer find it as easy to enter the UK to work in this kind of position anymore. This will make the life of those like Yasmin difficult and bring a possible negative impact on the quality of care supplied.